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Who we are

Words Warriors helps business leaders and government officials thrive with precise communication across cultures through our specialized translation services, executive communication advice and coaching, and bridge-building between American and Iraqi Kurdistan companies.


We provide bespoke services that each Words Warriors team member has lived—we are what we do.


Our clients can compete and win from the insights, language skills, unique relationships, and reputation we have globally.

Our Unique

We have earned our scars in battle so we can win together

  • Global perspective—75% of Words Warriors staff is multilingual and lived abroad; experience leading teams of language professionals


  • Extensive experience inside U.S. Federal Government agencies, think tanks, and non-governmental organizations


  • Proven public relations leadership for geopolitical crises and policy challenges from White House, Pentagon, Combat Zones


  • Unique relations with senior officials, business leaders, academia, media, and NGOs in Iraq, Kurdistan Region, and Syria

Our Services

Language & Translation



African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian languages

Expert verification of AI translations


Cultural and language education

Communication Advice & Coaching

Public speaking and media training


Strategic communication


Graphics design


Multicultural marketing


Sales pitch development

Iraqi Kurdish Business Advising

Geopolitical Insights


High-level access to business and government leaders




Business registration advice

Past Performance

  • USDA Discrimination Financial Assistance Program – Led media outreach for $2.2B lending program across 29 states and territories


  • Business development advisor for Power Gate Group, a general services and construction company in Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and UAE


  • Mobile Think Tank for Strategic Insight Group - Developed and implemented a thought-leadership, executive education program for corporate clients


  • Leadership and media training workshops for Fortune 500 corporations and military schools


  • Leading international media advocacy campaign for the Association of the Petroleum Industry of Kurdistan


  • Global health research conducted in Asia and East Africa with Duke University and Yale University


  • Global security analysis and commentary on Arabic and Kurdish media

Myles B. Caggins III

CEO & Founder

Myles B. Caggins III is a retired U.S. Army colonel. He founded Words Warriors LLC, which provides specialized language and translation services, executive communication coaching, and business consulting in Iraq's Kurdistan Region. He served three combat tours in Iraq and Syria. 

Colonel Caggins is a senior nonresident fellow at the New Lines Institute for Strategy and Policy, where he provides expertise on public information warfare, U.S.-Kurdish relations, and ISIS. He was previously a national security fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School and a U.S. Army military fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. He is a frequent commentator on global security issues—particularly on Arabic and Kurdish networks. 

Colonel Caggins earned a master's in public relations from Georgetown University and a bachelor's degree in history from Hampton University.

He serves on several nonprofit boards including the Military Officers Association of America, Youthcast Media Group, and the New York Kurdish Cultural Center. He is a life member in the Council on Foreign Relations and other professional and social organizations.

Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired

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