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Our experienced team will help you win domestically or internationally

Language Translation

Documents, legal, medical, immigration, websites, marketing content, and intelligence reports



Language Interpretation

On-site/in-person, virtual, or over-the-phone interpretation



Cultural Awareness & Etiquette Training

For businesses, diplomats, researchers, and military

Language & Translation

Accurate translations ensure effective collaboration, prevent misunderstandings, and enhance relationships— ultimately leading to successful global ventures.


We specialize in African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian languages and dialects. Our team includes certified interpreters and translators. Our experts verify AI translations.

Strong communication campaigns build positive reputations, foster trust, and boost market penetration, leading to wins.

Our diverse team of experts includes award-winning journalists, communicators, and marketers who have demonstrated excellence in international media and public relations.


We help businesses, government, and non-profits reach multicultural and multinational audiences.

Public Speaking & Media Training

Our master coaches will teach you how to resonate with audiences on stage and on camera.


Strategic Communication Planning

  • Sales Pitch Development

  • Crisis Communication & Reputation Management Advice

  • Multicultural Marketing


Press Release Distribution & Media Monitoring

Powered by AgilityPR and relationships with reporters


Graphics Design and Canva Training

Geopolitical Insights

We offer first-hand insights for success in business and diplomacy in Iraq and Kurdistan, including political, social, economic, and security factors to enrich decision-making.


High-level access to business and government leaders

Our clients benefit from our strong and unique relationships and reputation throughout the Kurdish diaspora.




Business registration advice

Kurdish Connection

Our team includes American and Kurdish experts with direct experience and leadership in business, diplomacy, military operations, media, and academia.

We are officially registered to do business with the US Federal Government ( and KRG.

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