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Association of the Petroleum Industry of Kurdistan selects Words Warriors LLC to lead communications

Words Warriors LLC provides public relations and government affairs advice for the Association of the Petroleum Industry of Kurdistan.  APIKUR’s objective and purpose is to promote the Kurdistan Region of Iraq as an attractive destination for international oil and gas companies, service providers and investors. In addition, APIKUR aims to advocate for and represent the common interests of its members, function as a joint and effective voice towards all relevant stakeholders whether in the KRI, or elsewhere, and provide a forum for its members to share appropriate public industry information and best practices.

The Words Warriors team drafts, translates, and publishes press releases in Western, Arabic, and Kurdish media.  The CEO also serves as official on-the-record spokesman for APIKUR conducting interviews with international media outlets.

Words Warriors sends official correspondence on behalf of APIKUR to officials in the Government of Iraq and Kurdistan Regional Government.

As of December 14, 2023, APIKUR membership includes eight International Oil Companies.

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