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Association of the Petroleum Industry of Kurdistan (APIKUR)

Led media relations and served as the spokesman and social media manager.

Tasks Performed

Words Warriors leads media relations and communication strategy for the Association of the Petroleum Industry of Kurdistan (APIKUR), which comprises 6 international oil companies. Words Warriors acts as APIKUR's spokesman, social media manager, and government relations leader.

  • Publications and Print Media Support: Created talking points, correspondence, and website content for executives, officials, and stakeholders; ensured compliance with Section 508 and GDPR.

  • Graphic Design Services: Provided graphic design for APIKUR, depicting contracts and statistics; prepared briefing decks and handouts.

  • Social Media Support: Managed APIKUR's social media, led outreach campaigns, and analyzed metrics.

  • Media Relations and Engagement Support: Drafted multilingual press releases, provided updates to APIKUR's board, and acted as a spokesman for global media.

  • Public Relations and Communications Specialist Surge Support: Advised CEOs on media and government relations strategy across various regions.

  • Translation Services Support: Translated press releases and provided interpretation for high-level meetings and media interviews in Arabic and Kurdish.

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