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Strategic Insight Group Branding

Delivered creative and consistent branding solutions including website and marketing collateral redesign, enhancing the firm’s online presence and stakeholder engagement.

Tasks Performed

Served as the Creative Content Consultant at Strategic Insight Group in 2023, designing captivating marketing materials and maintaining brand consistency. Overhauled graphics and marketing assets such as company website, pitch decks, brochures, and proposal documents.

  • Publications and Print Media Support: Demonstrated expertise in creating publications and designing company marketing content for both print and digital platforms. Designed two-page documents tailored for intelligence services, encompassing specialized versions for investors, legal professionals, operations, and portfolio companies. Edited and designed a company pitch deck specifically tailored for attracting expert recruitment and potential business clients.

  • Graphic Design Services: Developed graphic elements and templates for SIG's official communication needs and its subsidiary Mobile Think Tank. Designed a coherent, visually appealing brand identity for company marketing to elevate the reach and impact of SIG's marketing collateral, including brochures, official company documents, and pitch decks.

  • Social Media Support: Crafted a comprehensive social media content and strategy plan for SIG's LinkedIn account to significantly improve the company's online presence and foster collaboration and engagement within the targeted audience, including expert contributors and business clients.

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